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Handmade wooden hook "Orange House"

Handmade wooden hook "Orange House"

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Medium-sized handmade wooden hook in the shape of an orange house. A hook is artfully decorated with miniature hand-painted details, a copper chimney tube, a tiled roof made from polymer clay, and a fluorescent element covering a montage screw hole. The house is painted in pastel orange color and is designed for a wall mount. Fluorescent element make a light glowing effect at night. Wood, acrylic paints, copper nail, metal hook, polymer clay, varnish.  The house is 11,5x4 cm, total length with the hook is 15,5 cm. Weight is 46 g.

All our wooden houses are unique and a replica is not possible, however, we will do our best to make your version as close to a photo as possible. 

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