About us

Couple of words about us 

Inspired by cultures, colors, and nature, we are keeping our exploration of the world diversity to reflect it in our handmade objects. Natural materials – wood, glass, stones – are pivotal for our collections. We want the world to be colorful and bright, and design our jewelry and small interior objects to bring vibrancy to your daily life. 
We are a couple with Russian origin, however, considering ourselves citizens of the world.
Story about us and our online store Ornamentico.shop and why we started to craft handmade jewelry

Between two of us we lived in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and now Slovenia. As we move or travel, we absorb the beauties, handcraft traditions, ornaments, and languages of every country we live.

Originally started from exploration of ornaments of minorities and applying them to embroidery pendants, our crafts now broadened and include jewelry, interior decor, soap, Xmas decorations, paper cards and more.

Located today in the middle of the Julian Alps, we enriched our collection with natural materials: wood and stone. Today we craft candleholders, pendants, bracelets, earrings, embroidery, patchwork quilts, keyholders, soap, Xmas cards and decorations, boxes for small things, decors for flowerpots. And we keep exploring woods and beads, experimenting with mosaics and stones to be able to always create something new.

Story of Ornamentico Group company which is producing handmade jewelry in Slovenia
We work hard on making our jewelry and small interior items crafted with love and patience. From embroidery to beading, from wood to paper, from candleholders to mirror frames, from painted cards to quilts – every object is made with care. We believe the sense of humor is important as it helps us to move on in difficult times, so you can also find some flavor of laugh and fun in what we do.

Because our crafts are handmade, each thing is unique and cannot be repeated exactly as presented in our online shop. We will be glad to create something unique especially for you.

You can explore our online shop or stop by at our small boutique shop in Triglav National Park in Slovenia. Also, you can find examples of our decoration items located in apartments of our apartment hotel Villa Manja

Hope our products will fill your life with colors and vibe.